The Greatest Safari Adventure in Just Two Hours

Leopard | February 19, 2024 1:50 PM | Alisa

Experience the thrill of a lifetime in just 2 hours! Join Mohammed Kathrada on his unexpected safari adventure, encountering lions, leopards, and black rhinos in Kruger National Park. Read on for the full story and stunning photos. This unexpected 2-hour safari turned into a dream safari with hunting lions, mating leopards, and black rhinos! “Having […]

Big Warthog Pulls a Leopard Into the House

Leopard | January 25, 2024 3:24 PM | Alisa

Watch the intense battle between a leopard and a massive warthog, captured by a wildlife enthusiast. Who will come out victorious? A massive warthog was forced to fight for its life when a leopard caught it right outside its burrow. 33-year-old Stephanie McClendon, sales manager for the Luxury Travel Company (Scott Dunn), captured this incredible […]

Leopard Learns How to Catch a Fish

Leopard | September 10, 2023 4:34 AM | Alisa

Even the river, normally a lifeline for the animals, has almost disappeared. Yet the mud soup that remains could be concealing a free lunch. If only the leopards can figure out what it is. and how to get it.Are these weird apparitions something to fear? or a harmless and much-needed source of food? The mother […]

Leopard Risks It All at Extreme Height to Raid Eagle’s Nest

Leopard | December 4, 2022 11:34 AM | Alisa

In this nail-biting moment, a leopard risks injury by climbing to an extreme height to catch a Tawny Eagle Chick. The eagle finally succumbs to the leopard’s grasp after putting up a fight. Wildlife enthusiast and virtual p.a. Ally Bradfield and her husband were lucky enough to witness this incredible sighting on the S41, near […]

Leopard Teaches Cubs How to Cross the Road

Leopard | June 28, 2022 1:44 AM | Alisa

This is one Healthy momma! She’s one of the largest females I’ve seen in the wild means she will be a great provider for these cubs. they are in good paws! Beautiful. How amazing is that mother? She scouted first for safety before they moved. Imagine being a parent with two infants and you’re trying […]

Snatch and Grab! – It’s a natural law

Leopard, Trend | June 21, 2022 8:13 AM | Alisa

Wow, that was an incredible sighting to have four leopards and hyenas. That was some family reunion. Leopard behaviour never ceases to amaze me. Impressive the shot you have made of the leopard hunt, what speed and ferocity! I loved seeing that great male Maxim next to his female! a luxurious video, fascinating!. Oh my […]

Hungry Leopard Gets Defeated By Prickly Porcupine

Leopard | April 19, 2022 4:23 AM | Alisa

For those that are saying the porcupines Barb’s are poisonous, they are not, however, if they go deep into your skin they will cause serious damage. I love it when the prey can fight back and is capable of defending itself from the predator. So the porcupine is more than capable of running away fast, […]

Porcupine shows leopard who’s boss

Leopard | March 26, 2022 9:56 AM | Alisa

Young Leopard hunting a Porcupine. Not that experienced yet. He kept going for it but only got the sharp end of this prickly fella. The Porcupine stood his ground, Porcupine is the only fighter who wins by turning his back in battle. Porcupines were trolling hard. He could have left but he wanted so bad […]

12 lions attack leopard!

Leopard | March 6, 2022 1:15 PM | Alisa

Lived like a warrior, died like a warrior. Big respect to this leopard, it has shown his warrior spirit until the end. Y’all notice how the lions were mostly waiting for the leopard to tire out? It’s amazing how animals know when to conserve energy. The way the leopard defends himself against lions is incredible: […]

Leopard gets he deserves – 6 times thee leopard gets he deserves

Leopard | February 24, 2022 2:28 PM | Alisa

Hello wild friends, leopards are more than skilled animals, it cannot be denied that they rarely return with empty claws, nature made this feline a born predator with more than outstanding hunting capabilities. but there are videos where the leopard is surprised by who least expected and that is why we will see the 6 […]


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