Leopard | June 28, 2022 1:44 AM | Alisa

Leopard Teaches Cubs How to Cross the Road

This is one Healthy momma! She’s one of the largest females I’ve seen in the wild means she will be a great provider for these cubs. they are in good paws! Beautiful. How amazing is that mother? She scouted first for safety before they moved.

Imagine being a parent with two infants and you’re trying to cross a bizarre path that is surrounded by alien spaceships. That’s kinda how I think that leopard feels. The tourists filming were sobbing off the overdose of cuteness.

I loved how intense she was. Looking around for any danger, prepared to rip apart any threat. Absolutely amazing creature. I was doing safari for four years. But never had a sighting like this. Incredible. I wouldn’t mind waiting in my car all day long, waiting for them to cross the road. They’re worth it.

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