Lion | June 22, 2022 11:18 AM | Alisa

Why Do Baboons Steal Lion Cubs?

I thought this video was about baboons stealing lion cubs. Instead, I learnt about trees, caterpillars, spiders hunting fish, amazing free divers, owls flying silently and butterflies. Maybe one day we may get a video strictly on the topic.

To hold your breath underwater like that is insane. I attempted it one summer and you have to practically meditate, be completely calm and think small and slow. The minute you start doing too much or thinking too much you start using up a lot of oxygen. It also helps to hyperventilate before getting one last breath of air before you go under, it floods your bloodstream with extra oxygen. It’s a trick pearl diver used before they invented scuba gear.

in early 2019 I was in Thailand, I meet this tribe on a trip to their islands and they were friendly and sold things. A funny thing that many people don’t know is the kids learn to dive over 5 meters underwater before they learn how to walk, these people are really fascinating because under the tsunami they were understanding that something was going wrong before it was happening so they didn’t pack anything and just walked up to the mountains and they all survived, there houses and homes were destroyed but they all survived!.

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