Dog | April 27, 2022 12:03 AM | Alisa

People dig up the dog and don’t know yet what they’ll find next to it

What a caring mother, what kind of person. And it is impossible to look at a crying mother without tears. Only kindness and compassion can save our world!. As long as a person is capable of compassion, then all is not lost for him. Low bow to people with big hearts!.

This mother had tears, she experienced so much pain, especially since she knew that she had children down there, and the dogs were very caring and loving mothers, so she cried and called for help, And now there are tears in her eyes, and a look of suffering, she understands that if it were not for kind people, she and her puppies would no longer be alive. Thank you, kind people!.

God! It breaks my heart looking into the miserable eyes of this dog! She saved her kids, and called for help! Thanks to kind people! It’s good that both the children and the mother survived!. That’s why she didn’t run away because there were children there, she is a real mother, thanks to the rescuers.

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