Tiger | February 18, 2022 11:04 AM | Alisa

Weak Misfit lion cub gets a second chance in life

The lion cub struggles to keep up with the rest of his family, desperate for something to drink. Dehydration confuses him, and he stumbles and walks in circles. This heart-warming little cub struggles for life. He needs his mother’s love and is kept going by determination and courage alone. In an amazing turn of events, he faces one final reverse of fortune.

The fact that he survived a night out in the wild by himself. You’d think that’s a great show of strength? He’s obviously tired and hungry. But hey, he’s a tough little dude. He’s staying persistent. That can only make you a stronger individual.

This story just illustrates how wrong it is to just consider (and treat) our fellow mammals as “just animals”. Their lives, thoughts, emotions, and stories are just as real and complex as ours. Even though they don’t have the cognitive capacity that we do, I feel like we underestimate them in so many ways. They deserve our respect.

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