Tiger | February 14, 2022 6:32 AM | Alisa

Moments when big cats face the python

It’s truly amazing how powerful the Jaguar is, Climbing up the tree with the Python in its mouth!. You know I saw the full clip of the tiger vs python battle right? The tiger escaped and they both went their separate way!.

If you look into it, The tiger lived, It also had its claws and some teeth removed, It also was a juvenile tiger, Had it been a fully grown and fully armed tiger, It would have easily killed that python, I love this channel because you learn so many interesting facts about all different animals and watch them live their lives.

Growing up in South Louisiana, I loved the swamps. When I was 15yrs old my best friend and I went fishing, Now there are a few dangers when you are in the swamps here. Black Bears, Panthers, Alligators, and rare but still every once in a while an American Crocodile.

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