Crocodile | February 11, 2022 10:08 AM | Alisa

Jaguar kills massive crocodile – The sighting that kept on giving

Usually!, a good sighting on safari lasts only a few seconds, but then there is that one in a hundred good sightings which just keeps going. This was that sighting.

The female jaguar managed to catch and kill a huge caiman, which is cool enough, but then she tried to drag it up the bank and stash it in the bushes. The size of the caiman was a little more than she could deal with, so she swam with it back across the river.

She dragged it along the beach before leaving it and going to call her cubs. She picked up the first one, and then met with number 2 before swimming with both cubs back to feed on the unlucky caiman! What a sighting!.

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