Crocodile | February 9, 2022 4:10 AM | Alisa

Alligators take over nuclear weapons plant

What happens when alligators take over an old nuclear weapons plant?. In the shadows of a former cold war, Nuclear weapons plant lives a congregation of alligators. Alligator Ecotoxicologist, Laura Kojima, Monitors how mercury levels affect the alligator’s behavior and survival.

I liked this more than the other documentary stuff, Just to hear about what a scientist is doing is pretty neat, Did not know that you could use these critters to monitor pollution or climate change. Well done, and well presented, My thanks for the info.

It’s not uncommon, Manatees and other animals frequently take over the waters by power plants during winter months due to the higher water temperatures produced by the plant. Very common in Florida and other surrounding states, The water is toxic, Not enough to kill them but enough to cause health concerns in the population.

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