Elephant | February 5, 2022 2:01 PM | Alisa

A fallen elephant gets rescued from a massive farm well

Elephants!, The cultural identity of Sri Lanka, Holds an important position in the maintenance of biodiversity, forest, and savannah ecosystem. Since human beings benefit from the very existence of these harmless creatures, It is our core duty to protect them and provide them with enough space and security to carry out basic life activities.

I never get tired of watching this channel, They are gentle giants until their babies are threatened. I once saw an elephant save her little baby from a crocodile and the mother elephant killed that crock. And she saved her baby.

They are the most beautiful animal I have ever seen and the mom permitted me to be as close as I was at the time I didn’t push it I backed away, They are very special and the elephant will not forget that he was helped by humans.

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