Crocodile | January 30, 2022 1:19 PM | Alisa

The battle between crocodiles and wild dogs!!

When predatory crocodiles and wild dogs meet the struggle for survival in the animal world, When crocodiles fight, Wild dogs rush to run away and survive.

Despite a large number of wild dogs, They are well aware of the danger of approaching the jaws of deadly crocodiles. Although many animals have large mouths, Which are full of sharp teeth only one of them was able to bite with a force that exceeds the rest of the creatures.

It is the African crocodile. When African dogs approach the water, they are constantly cautious and approach with great care and caution, But this time the crocodile surprised them and dived hard.

Crocodile knows the difference between wild dogs and Jaguar. Wild dogs bite one piece at a time and eat animals that are very painful, Not like big cats killing animals first and eating later when they are dead.

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