Tiger | January 29, 2022 2:57 AM | Alisa

Jaguar vs Anaconda in Brazil

What a sighting! Two of Brazil’s apex predators come together on the banks of the Pantanal, and despite a good effort by the Anaconda, the Jaguar emerged victoriously. Sightings like this don’t happen very often, So a very big well done, and thank you to Paulo Boute for this incredible footage!.

Amazingly clear high-quality video. Great video. Not many people see that out in the bush. Thanks for sharing. Great sighting! Very rare. A much bigger snake would have given the jaguar a bit more of a challenge but the jaguar could easily kill it with its powerful jaws.

His friend anaconda fell down from the trees into the water and was about to drown. The jaguar really saved its life. absolutely fantastic quality, I wished all videos were like this!. I was blessed to have experienced similar sightings in that part of the world!.

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