Tiger | January 28, 2022 5:50 AM | Alisa

Amazing jaguar hunting crocodile while sleeping

The murky waters are supposed to be the croc’s territory, Not vice versa lol. That jag calmly snatched him up what the heck. Nature is so savage. Has anybody thought about the fact that the jaguar just pickets up like 160 pounds with his jaw at ease?.

I think the Jaguar killed a Kamen in South America, Not a crocodile. Still impressive but they don’t grow nearly as big as a crocodile. Did you see the video about the Crocodile getting a cheetah, well that was my cousin?.

That’s not a crocodile. It’s called a canine. Also not surprising to see this. Jaguars have the strongest jaws of any cat species. They know where the only soft spot on the canine is the back of the skull.

It’s crazy how some people don’t realize just how powerful these cats are. That croc looks heavy, and this cat just waltzes off with the croc in its mouth like it’s 5 pounds and swims with it.

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