Snake | October 7, 2023 7:50 AM | Alisa

The dangerous Chandra Nag suffering from thirst and trapped in the net

You know I’ve been taught to be an ethical Hunter and also this stupid mentality that all snakes have to be exterminated it’s just ridiculous they serve their purpose too! It’s really cool to see these men giving the snake a drink and the snake accepting that’s the coolest interaction I’ve ever seen with a human and another creature.

I think my favourite part as a reptile lover is watching this snake’s body language go from straight-up defensive posturing and mock strikes to being fully elongated and barely even hooding up by the end.

Snakes only stretch their full bodies out when they’re comfortable. If this snake still saw these guys as a threat, he/she would have done a whip strike as soon as they were free from the wire. Just goes to show that even solitary hunters can recognize a helping hand.

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