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How to Raising Millions of Ducks on Rice Field For Meat – Free range Duck Farming Technique

At a farm in central Thailand, an army of 10,000 ducks isn’t just out for a stroll — it’s on the hunt.
Rice farmers in Thailand are enlisting these birds, called “field chasing ducks” to eat their way through rice paddies after a harvest. They help eat golden apple snails and the remains of unwanted rice husks that remain in the field from the last harvest. The ducks also step on the rice stubble to flatten the ground, making it easier to plough.

They work great! My farm only raised 10,000 ducks which were very difficult! want to learn from them too. Those tiny swimming things are Artemia, a type of shrimp. They can tolerate as much as 25% salinity but also occur in freshwater such as rice paddy.

Tropical climate, lots of fruits, harvest all year round, sea and rivers with fish. And on the menu are grasshoppers, snakes, beetles, rats, dogs, mud, and swimming beetles. It is food for hunger. This means that such a favourable climate has appeared recently.

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