Dog | April 22, 2023 2:22 PM | Alisa

You won’t believe how this dog looks after shaving all these dreadlocks

First off, the person that cleaned up this poor dog should get a medal! Thank you! Thank God there are people like you. I cannot fathom how anyone could mistreat a dog like that.

This pup looks great now and has his whole life in front of him to look forward to. To his new owner, you have a nice dog to play with and love. Good luck and thanks for adopting him! Shame on the people that dumped this dog off.

Please don’t leave this dog without at least trying to find it a loving home. This dog needs love so badly and deserves it even more. This boy has nothing but a soul. When I saw how calm and collected he was, just sitting there letting himself get shaved, I just wanted to say, “Such a good boy!” In a baby voice.

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