Elephant | April 21, 2023 11:35 AM | Alisa

An elephant with a sour stomach in critical condition gets treated

As a veterinary Doctor, I can confidently say that The self-satisfaction you get after diagnosing and treating a voiceless creature is immense. This elephant is getting sick by eating polythene, His stomach is full of polythene, and The polythene fluid in the abdomen should be removed.

Elephants consuming polyethene as a result of garbage collecting in and surrounding forest reserves due to poor waste management in many districts has been a long-term issue concerning the safety of wildlife in Sri Lanka.

Millions of thanks to the dese super vets and team who have treated dis elephant so caring hope de elephant will recover soon no words to the vet who used his hands to go through in such a way to make him be a relief and for the kind deed.

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