Elephant | March 14, 2023 3:06 AM | Alisa

Mother Elephant attacks Crocodile very hard to save her baby, Wild Animals Attack

Wow, Elephants are a “TRUE” Sisterhood!!! Humans could learn a lesson, it’s better to be nice and band together than to be selfish and stand alone!!! Who in this world hasn’t needed help?!?!. I like Elephants, so I’m gonna take their side, with no apologies. I don’t hate alligators, but I just love Elephants and how they help each other. And how the grandmas are tough and are such great leaders.

Elephants don’t have predators, it’s not just because they are huge and strong, which can reach 6,000 kilos, it’s because they are united and intelligent, they travel in groups, and when one is attacked, 2 or more soon arrive to help defend the other. that is being attacked, is the most faithful example that unity makes strength, it would be so good if humans took the example of elephants, because in this jungle we live in, everything would be easier if there was unity.

I would definitely name the elephant king of the jungles. Smart beautiful animals are united, they are family, and they defend each other with their own lives. They do not eat other animals, they are impressive, and they are always in a group to defend the herd. I am in love with elephants, mothers protect their young and if they are in danger, everyone goes to help. Humans should learn from elephants.

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