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Harsh Life! Rock Python Kills And Swallows Poor Antelope

The African rock python is the largest wild animal world snake in Africa. Adult rock pythons can be up to 23 feet and even 33 feet long. Like other python species, the African rock python is not toxic and kills its prey by strangulation. After attacking the prey with a powerful bite, it rolls and kills the prey of the wild animal world.

This snake family reptile is the largest in the wild animal world and has the ability to hunt very sensitively wild animal world. It doesn’t have the big fangs of a lion, the agility of a cheetah, or the cunning of a hyena, but it is believed that the giant rock python’s abilities are not inferior to other wild animals’ wolrd predators.

Antelope’s only defense, a prey common to many predators, is to run! Antelopes have the fastest running speeds of any predator, except for the wild animal world.

A rock python, on the other hand, is very slow. Of course, Python can’t chase antelopes at speeds of about 53 mi / h like leopards and lions. Therefore, they need clever hunting strategies to fill their hungry stomachs with wild animals.

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