News | July 19, 2022 10:32 AM | Alisa

Accident with one of the main cows of the Carnauba Farm

All my respects to you field workers, it was very exciting to rescue this animal God bless you for always being there in the hard work of your day-to-day I am just a peasant who lives in the city but I would give anything to be there in the field blessed place by God a hug for all kiss in your heart, be with God the peace of the Lord.

Guzerá was an excellent choice for Dr. Manelito. While everyone was suffering from the drought and fighting “to fight it”, Dr. Manelito came and taught us that; “Drought and death are the only two certainties in the Northeast” and there is no fight against drought; “One learns to live with it and to develop the necessary means to do so!”.

You deserve our respect. I watched many of your grandfather’s documentaries about this wonderful legacy of conquest and example for our northeast.

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