Animals | July 10, 2022 12:00 AM | Alisa

30 Times Injured Animal Fights For Life

So sad what these beautiful animals have to go through .and their amazing strength of willpower. the poor little animal is good and adorable. they don’t have their little leg that cruelty of life.of.animals. LORD you are good and wonderful help them from so much suffering and remove all the evil of these animals. predators and reptiles that harm defenceless little animals.

I really feel f them cos usually when animals r injured in the wild, they don’t understand an there’s no NHS for them in the middle of nowhere which normally signifies their end cos their in effect ‘sitting ducks’ waiting t b picked off by opportunistic preds, weather, each other, starvation cos not able t hunt etc, unless some kind human soul aids their recovery.

At about 7:15 you said it was a goat with the injured back left leg, but it looked like it was a deer, Unless baby/young deer are called goats⁉. And at about 6:30 through about 6:45 the elephant and the hippo were actually defending the old broke down defeated male lion I couldn’t believe it.

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