Snake | January 23, 2022 1:31 AM | Alisa

The poisonous snake badly caught in the net, Saw how he drank from the bottle

Poor thirsty Kobra, Stuck in netting, Glad you rescued it before it dies! saving it is awesome, Love all animals especially snakes! love all your awesome videos! look forward to them every day!. Thank you Mr. Mirza & God bless you & the rescue team & keep safe also! peace out.

How good it is that you made it in time and saved this cobra from a cruel trap. Well done Mirza. Thanks a lot, mate. Poor snake caught in the net. Well done for saving the snake. Love watching your videos, keep up the great work.

I never get tired of watching your videos about how you save animals from certain death and with what affection you treat them to take good care of yourself people like you are needed in the world, You are a good man Mirza, Great rescue, I just hope you get them to understand how dangerous these cobras are.

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