Snake | June 20, 2022 11:19 PM | Alisa

Deadly Battles Of Cobras, Cobra vs Mongoose, Komodo

Honey badger can defeat any snakes. What a fearless little creature. I don’t think komodo would run after seeing that snake, it might be a lizard. Could you do the translation? of the new subscriber, I would like to hear Portuguese.

Anyone living in those villages should have a mongoose as a pet. The Komodo dragon only lives on the Komodo island in Indonesia. But cobras do not live there. Are you people not too bright? That’s not a Komodo dragon. Wake up!.

No animal can kill a Komodo dragon, not even crocodiles or pythons. The only thing that could kill a Komodo is a vast gauge bullet. I wouldn’t say I like snakes with a passion. Glad the dragon killed it. That’s not a komodo or a cobra in the first clip, that footage was taken in Australia lol.

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