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Unbelievable! king cobra kills mongoose with powerful bite – Mongoose Vs Snake

It’s amazing how the cobra turned into a king cobra and later into a diamondback rattlesnake the mongoose became a lemur. What tricky disguises these animals have.

Although cobras rarely eat mongooses, The mongoose can kill and eat cobras as well as other venomous snakes. The mongoose has thick fur and some specialized receptors that make it immune to the cobra’s venom. In a fight between a cobra and a mongoose, It is more likely that the mongoose will win.

Honeybadger is not a mongoose, Only honeybadger has body immune from venom. Mongoose is different, It can be killed by strong venom like from cobra and black mamba.

So that is not a King cobra in any case but it is an ordinary Indian cobra. Mongoose isn’t immune completely to the snake bite venom but only resistant partially.

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