Buffalo | June 5, 2022 11:49 PM | Alisa

Buffalo gets saved by rangers and attack vehicles!

Wow! Tons of praises go out to those Rangers, My heart is filled with love for you and the animals – thank you, kind sirs! God bless you all!. What an effort massive and immeasurably humane. God bless everyone involved in the rescue operation.

I love how the other buffaloes are waiting patiently for their mates to be rescued as if they paid the rangers. Many are not so lucky to be rescued and are eaten alive by hyenas or lions. Congratulations on your determination to save the animals! Here, Brasília – DF – Brazil!.

Thank God, the world needs more people like this, Congratulations to the whole team, may God bless you!. The poor things. They were probably so exhausted from struggling to get out on their own. Thank goodness there are people like the rescuers in the world.

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