Snake | June 3, 2022 9:17 AM | Alisa

5 snakes that got wrong with the porcupine

Damn, snakes never got along with hedgehogs but there is only one animal that hedgehogs get along with, man! people but how delicious this animal is because my father there in the countryside in Paraty hunted this animal and made a show pot. I was young and only ate this delicacy, And look I ate everything in this life, It was enough to be hunting.

Dude no offense but it can confuse some people about species because you mixed hedgehog with porcupine but thanks anyway it was very interesting and I had no idea that the hedgehog could eat snake.

Sometimes I think they put the animals together to film. I don’t know if that’s any good. Because no one chose to be people and the snake didn’t choose to be a snake. The pig didn’t decide to be a porcupine.

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