Animals | June 2, 2022 11:02 AM | Alisa

Lion Take Down Waterbuck Underwater

Wow! great footage of another Incredible hunting skill of the SUPER hunters, Hunting big preys like the Waterbucks! thanks for sharing your wonderful video about these excellent hunters, the iconic, the lions. Please keep up the excellent work that you are doing for our entertainment and please keep the videos coming.

Another great video you already know I love lions and cubs however I find waterbuck are very attractive good looking I said why they need to handle waterbuck lol then I said to myself this is nature the circle of life great video love what you do.

It’s very interesting, there are people who speak here that the president of Africa favoured the poor. Never has a guy like that favoured the poor. Do you know why? Let the lion hyena wolf dog fox eat all animals cruelly and not let a poor man catch a hunt like that and many Africans starved.

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