Animals | January 22, 2022 10:21 AM | Alisa

That’s why they are called monkey killers

I was also researching the dragon of Commodus because I was curious about its poison. I thought that maybe a king cobra, as it is an animal with a very powerful poison, and fast, could be a worthy enemy, But it is not really like that, Because of the videos that I was watching the dragon finds it very easy to eat a snake.

In as for the poison of the cobra, I have my doubts that it will have any effect on it, That is if it has time to bite it, And pierce its hard skin. As for the dragon of Commodus that was found in the United States, It is logical to think that it will be part of the illegal animal trade.

But the truth is that it is also logical to think that it could have arrived together with the cargo in the hold of a ship, from what I know when they are born they are the size of lizards, they climb very well, They feed on insects, And they are excellent swimmers.

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