Lion | May 19, 2022 1:39 AM | Alisa

Crazy Lion Attack on Buffalo! Lion Vs Buffalo Fights

A lion is an extremely dangerous predator that no one wants to attack – many people think so, But not buffaloes Despite the fact that these bulls are herbivores, They can compete with ferocious lions What amazing confrontations look like.

and who wins them? Today you will know everything! In this interesting and exciting issue, You will see the most unexpected and shocking confrontations between lions and buffaloes! In this issue, all the best, incredible, amazing.

Unusual, interesting, and informative facts about lions and buffaloes, as well as their battles, which you did not know about. From incredible buffalo throws to an amazing fight in Kruger Park. Smart Pizza is with you, and an interesting and exciting top selection of crazy buffalo attacks on a lion. Lion versus buffalo fight.

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