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King Cobra Snake Blocked The Road

Living with the King is a short video made in Agumbe by the all-women film team ‘The Gaia People’. In Agumbe, where the Agumbe Rainforest Research Station is located, ordinary farmers and their wives and children have learned that king cobras aren’t ‘out to get you and in fact are very valuable friends who eat the snakes that cause so many deadly problems in India and elsewhere in the range of the king cobra: cobras, Russell’s vipers, kraits and pit vipers.

Once we get the funds, this film will be dubbed in the regional languages and distributed in those places where king cobras are still greatly feared and killed on sight. There are king cobras in Indonesia but I don’t think there has been any organization or community doing this kind of program to educate people.

The sight of king cobra alone would scare off most people, except for the few very brave people like Mr Vava Suresh who would catch this awesome creature. Still, it is good to know that the king cobra contributes to human society by eating other snakes that actually bite and kill people.

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