Snake | January 22, 2022 1:29 AM | Alisa

Iguana vs. Snake! Maximum voltage

Imagine what it would be like if they went one on one, A snake against an iguana! No, no need to imagine – we will show you ourselves! It can be seen that the lizard was not at all afraid to approach the snake, although it is much larger!.

When a fight began between them, the poisonous teeth, this time, could not do anything with the strong scales, The snake tried to strangle the victim, but it turned out to be too strong.

The lizard himself bit the opponent’s lower jaw and did not let go! Finally, the snake broke free and began to retreat, and the iguana even tried to bite the enemy again – apparently, goodbye.

And I would have met a bunch of such snakes, did not panic at all, absolutely did not get scared, but immediately, quietly, peacefully Would be dead! This is creepy! Happy New Year, everyone! I wish you health, good luck, and good!.

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