Snake | April 16, 2022 4:41 AM | Alisa

Massive python swallowing a gazelle

For people who are thinking gazelle’s horn is gonna harm the python, you’re wrong buddy. Python has a good amount of muscle that isn’t affected by those horns. Also, the python’s digestive juices melt those horns.

What footage! Amazing how a python can move with such a massive meal in its belly. And talk about finding its way out in the water!. I do have seen footage that has the deer horns pierce open the python’s belly. And the python was left dead. Mostly that will happen when the python regurgitates a just swallowed deer. Regurgitation causes sharp horns to move in the opposite direction and that easily punctures the python.

Amazing that the python could swallow the head with the horns, I know that snakes can disarticulate not only their mandible but also their upper palate. Still, this is an incredible video. It leaves a lump in my throat.

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