Snake | March 21, 2022 4:55 AM | Alisa

Black Cobra vs Monitor Lizard

What’s the point of all that powerful venom, If it’s scared to use it to save itself From death, Cobra worried more about the camera person, Poor cobra stuck more Interested in you hovering around crappy filming!.

The sound is terrible, It can be used as a sign that the snake wants to peck, Dangerous for men, thank you. Whether it is a human or a living being, everyone’s life is insignificant. The snake had to be saved first. Shem Onu is why it is said that animals are better on land than humans.

Are yaar saap ko bacha lete ye sab tamasa dekh rahe the saram aane chahiye. video banate hue agar TM lizard ko bhaga dete to saap Ki Jaan Bach jati but U r not human being really yaar logo ko kyaa ho Gaya h Apne maje K liye Kuch BHI Kar jay.

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