Elephant | January 22, 2022 1:19 AM | Alisa

Amazing and rare video of a couple of elephants mating right next to the road

Will all the Bull elephants compete for the females or is there a dominant bull amongst the group which does all the mating primarily? Well, let them get their FREAK on, They don’t say anything when you’re being unfaithful to your spouse.

Her plan was to keep her tail out of the way and back upon it, lol those elephants pp so big they have an elbow or knuckle or something in about the middle of it XD, It’s amazing how their ‘5th leg’ is like having their own brain, moving bending around looking for the Mrs, spot.

Big elephant I am jealous, True talent, How many humans can put it in with no hands, I also loved how you roared like T rex telling your girl to give you some nookie now.

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