Animals | March 2, 2022 3:23 AM | Alisa

Hyena steals python’s prey! python bite hyena mouth off because of its brazenness

That python though, The antelope’s horns literally ripped off its throat, What a way to die, Hello guys! I really liked this program in nature, various beautiful wild animals live in nature, they hunt so interesting, thank you very much for such an interesting program, I wish you health and good luck.

Where was the mouth being bitten off? It was in the title but not the video. Why not name it “Motorcycle wreck in the Jungle”. It is as good as the title you gave it. I want to see that python swallow that antelope horns and all.

The video of the wildlife world is very good, supporting you to grow more and more wish you more and more good videos. Tuff life being int’ wild, eat or beaten I’m afraid, Must remember that when all I have t do is pop t the fridge or order a take out, It’s what they do we’d do the same int’ their position.

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