Snake, Trend | March 1, 2022 8:19 AM | Alisa

King Cobra, The world’s most dangerous snake, Finally how did the Piper Hausla rescue!

As long as there is breath, there will be conflict, as long as there is a wound, there will be a wound, let those who speak behind the backstay behind, if our deeds, feelings, and path are right, then we will continue to get an attachment to non-existent people.

Such a dangerous king cobra, I saw you for the first time while doing the rescue. First time in your program l have seen this King Cobra, Thank you for saving this beautiful animal. Greetings from Holland, Namaste.

Wow!, brother you and Jug Jug live your parent’s brother for doing such a thing, many heartfelt salutes to you, may God keep you happy like this brother. That’s one beauty of a snake. The elegance and pace with which it turns and rolls back is something to marvel about. And yes it tells everyone around not to mess with it and who is the boss. You handled it pretty well. Hope you get a bigger one next time.

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