Animals, Related Post | February 28, 2022 2:51 PM | Alisa

Incredible! wild dogs hunt Klipspringers

Never ever seen what fantastic footage. Wild dogs are so dangerous even though unable to attach to antelope, Super. I never knew animals had this level of intelligence! This is incredible!.

Wow! Helplessly trapped, facing such a dangerous situation amazing to see them so calm with such patience. Of course, they had no other option, an exciting video, the antelope’s ability to have a foothold on that rock is amazing.

Actually incredible footage! usually, prey are panicking when they are being hunted. Haven’t seen behavior like this before, It’s like they are aware of the risks the wild dogs have to take to reach them, Even when the wild dogs came really close they didn’t flinch. The survival instincts tell them to just stay put and play the waiting game.

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