Leopard | February 23, 2022 3:00 AM | Alisa

Leopard attacks dog and takes it away

The monkey attack was spectacular and I believe it was the most difficult. Leopard really impresses with so many skills!. not even with 2 minutes on pause, I saw this leopard.

I love the puppies and I agree that if the owners know and leave the pets on the street, it’s their fault and it’s slutty yes now this animal is beautiful, extremely agile, very fast, and intelligent, and although we are sad with its victims of hunting, they deserve our respect for their agility and beauty.

The accurate attack against the Impala was fantastic because of the absurd height that the feline jumped. What if he misses? Would he have crashed to the ground? The risk was too great because if a wild predator is injured, its chances of survival are drastically reduced by the impossibility of hunting again. If he hurts a paw, it’s gone! But the hit was incredible!.

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