Leopard | February 23, 2022 2:34 AM | Alisa

Cobra attacks leopard

Snake Piton attacks the leopard and tries to devour the feline, did she do well? See what happened in this incredible attack. For a magnificent animal like the leopard to lose its life to a snake would be an immense loss to nature in general.

Cats are formidable and unsurpassed in hunting, if they were big as an elephant there would probably be nothing left that they hadn’t devoured, the bigger the stronger, agility remains in the Felidae family.

Felines are wonderful! My favorites! I’m in love with them, but I wouldn’t want one bit to find one of these alone and walk in the open field! God forbid! I prefer to watch and admire from afar even lol!. Unlike other animals attacked by the snake, the leopard knows how to use its claws very well. It’s like having 4 pocketknives in each hand.

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