Lion | February 21, 2022 4:28 AM | Alisa

Lion shows cubs how to hunt

Lion cubs learn how to hunt and kill by watching what the older lions are doing and copying them. So for a while, they won’t know that lions choke their food before eating them and will eat it alive like this case.

Yes, these are some of the steps cubs go through while growing, because at around 7-9 months they start to escort elder lions for hunting so that they can also learn how to hunt. Also, lions hunt in a group which makes them more successful on every hunt they go to, thanks for sharing these wonderful wildlife moments.

It would be great to know the name of your beautiful, impressive-looking pride, I feel bad for the zebra, but these boys and girls have to eat to survive, This is a great sighting and video that shows us the reality of animal survival in the wild. It’s heartbreaking and difficult for many of us to watch, but it’s natural for these animals. After all, we have predators in the human world who are always lurking in the shadows seeking humans to devour for their own selfish gain or need to survive.

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