Anaconda | February 20, 2022 1:09 PM | Alisa

A Giant Snake – Anaconda

Anacondas can and have killed full-grown adults, but that was usually a result of misidentification on the snake’s part, They usually shy away from humans, but if the snake mistakes the human for something else because of mistaken scents like human handling another animal like a pet or something and immediately handling the snake.

The snake in that case may mistake the human for the other animal the human handled. Such tragic mistakes have occurred but only usually with pythons. Am I the only person, who likes snakes very much? Let’s be serious, snakes are still underrated animals.

Snakes still are misunderstood, I see a lot of comments such as “I hate snakes.” or “Kill it with fire ” there. I think people should stop stereotyping and demonizing them, There are other animals, which are as dangerous as anacondas.

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