Lion | February 20, 2022 6:56 AM | Alisa

15 most amazing attacks caught on camera

I always wondered why they didn’t do what the male lion did. Instead, they pick out what is supposed to be the slowest one that is half a mile away as they pass up dozens of targets within reach.

That is a brown hyena, Although they have a very wide range, They are extremely endangered & nearly extinct & they travel alone, Just like the striped hyena. Which is more indigenous to the middle east & Asia. The Spotted Hyena is more indigenous to Africa & travels in packs.

Awesome video loved watching some new content and enjoyed every minute of this film, Lions are amazing animals and to witness how deadly they are is truly scary. Thank you for your interesting video. The female lion with broken feet hunts the big deer, It gave me a message that nothing can stop me to get to my goals.

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