Leopard | February 20, 2022 6:30 AM | Alisa

Mother giant otter bite the jaguar’s mouth off to protect her baby

The smart adaptation to fight as a pack of two or three of those otters would probably kill that big cat sure make him think twice in the future. One wrong step by that jaguar into the swamp & its history. Those otters would bite the life out of it.

It seems a collection of disconnected events, otherwise interesting and instructional. Wow, I didn’t know otters can fight a jaguar like that. They fight as a family, They got the memo that there is strength in numbers.

That much smaller otter, in the beginning, made the mighty jaguar back up and retreat. Damn, that was hilarious. Don’t mess around with the otter, They are just like the honeybadger ferocious little bastards.

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