Snake | February 19, 2022 9:00 AM | Alisa

Woman’s claim to control the dangerous snake with Tantra Vidya, see what happened again

That is one very feisty & angry monocled Kobra! Be careful Mirza! Love this video! It is awesome! You’re an awesome rescuer! Monocled Kobras are beautiful snakes! God bless & peace out. I agree with you, Mantra can never be affectable, We should not be too late and go to the hospital as soon as possible.

Mirza Sir, the cobra head was near your hands while putting cobra into the bag, I know you are extremely experienced but please be careful, thanks for saving snakes, And awareness about snakes’ bites. Poor people, living poor in these mud huts are always in danger of meeting a snake.

You could say they are “on the front lines”, just like your shoe, my friend, Again, in a biting and “deadly” way, As was to be expected, reciting the mantra did not soothe the cobra and turn it into a gentle lamb, It’s good that these people called you there, Mirza. As always, a very good job and a very interesting comment.

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