Leopard | February 19, 2022 4:29 AM | Alisa

Top leopard hunting warthog from burrow moments

Tremendous hunters, These predators are barbaric, greetings from. So I just began watching and right off I am perplexed. I do not consider myself an animal expert, but I believe I am quite capable of determining the difference between a leopard (spotted coat) and a lion (tawny coat).

We aren’t starting off very well, (also, if that horrible music continues, I will not. It is grating on the nerves with absolutely nothing to do with what is happening. Why can you not let nature provide the soundtrack?).

I’ve had enough. Between the irritating music and the editing of repeated scenes to make it more interesting, It becomes not a montage, But a poor piece of blended videos. You need a lot more practice.


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