Lion | February 18, 2022 2:59 PM | Alisa

Lion vs Lion – Fight between lions

If one of the younger males didn’t run. It would have been an epic fight. The guy who took the beating is the brave one. He attacked the older male first but got overwhelmed. I feel sad for the young male abandoned by his brother during a life or death battle.

The interesting strategy employed by the older lions. At the face-off, one ran a short distance away and waited while the other lured the younger ones to where their backs were to the one waiting. He was then able to attack from behind. That’s an experienced fighter.

A perfect example of how Lion’s mane serves as protection from potentially deadly attacks. Usually, the attacker can’t get a good bite hold through the mane allowing the attacked Lion to eventually use powerful legs to clear free. What was more dangerous was the second attacker going after the hindquarters, He broke off the attack fortunately because maybe the brother reappeared and he went after him instead just a conjecture.

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