Lion | February 18, 2022 2:47 PM | Alisa

Epic 2 Male lions fighting to the death

This is the best lion vs lion fight that I’ve ever seen. Thank you for posting this video. The smaller lion gave as well as it got and was the more aggressive combatant. The larger lion was stronger, but it would let go of his pin because he would get winded from trying to hold the other lion down and the smaller one would always come right after him. In the end, they were both bloodied and tired.

A park ranger told me once that lions very rarely die in the place of confrontation, but they die days or weeks later from injuries, infection, or inability to hunt and eat. Even from that distance, you can still see a good amount of blood on both of them. That was a brutal fight. Never seen a fight as spectacular as that.

It is interesting that one of the lions was clearly considerably larger than the other. The smaller one was game as hell though. He had numerous opportunities to disengage but wasn’t interested and actually spent a fair amount of time in the top position. Excellent rear-paw claw work from both lions when on their backs. All that said, I tend to think this probably went too far and both lions have headed for the knackers yard soon afterward.

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