Lion | February 18, 2022 1:46 PM | Alisa

Big battle lion vs tiger – The lion survive the tiger attack?

Big cats are powerful, fast, patient, and ruthless killing machines. Although there are many large cats that can be counted, our topic is the most powerful and dangerous ones, the Lion and the Tigers.

I’ve actually done a little bit of research on this and found that back in the day they actually tried putting cats together like a lion and a tiger and see who would win in a fight to the death. It’s been said that though the tiger is the better combatant, the mane of the lion is one of its best defenses. It makes it almost impossible to get the death grip on the neck like a large cat would typically go for.

To my understanding Lions and Tigers in their natural environment do not meet, they inhabit different areas of Africa and Asia. There is some footage of Lions and Tigers fighting in Zoos back in the 1940s and 50s. Enjoyed this informative video, very well Narrated. I started to type this comment before I heard you say pretty much the same thing.

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