Lion | February 18, 2022 11:15 AM | Alisa

Lions killing hyenas compilation

Male Lions and Male tigers get along extremely well when they are raised from birth together in captivity. Things only get worse if you throw a female lion/tiger in the mix because that creates competition for mating. But otherwise, they are as peaceful as it gets. check out my new video to see a complete timeline of a male lion and a male tiger that grew up together. The lion is 4 days older.

Let’s be honest we all watching this because we have had enough of watching a gang of Hyenas teaming up on 1 lion. If you notice lioness kills their prey clinically but when a lion kills a hyena, he shows his anger, his true strength in ripping them apart. It’s a mesmerizing scene to witness.

That was pure malice for hyenas. He intentionally paralyzed it and left it alive to suffer. Typically when a lion starts a kill, he finishes it. But look at his expression after he gets up, no concern at all. That was just for fun and target practice. The raw strength of a lion is amazing. They’re not symbols of power for nothing.

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