Snake | February 18, 2022 4:09 AM | Alisa

Visalkai Nag appeared in the temple, the whole city gathered after seeing the miracle

Very Venomous big Angry Cobra hidden in worship room of the house, the family offers milk, later rescue and released in the forest: Bhadrak, Odisha. It seems that Kobras like their worship rooms! Spectacled Kobra rescue! God bless & keep you safe every day an awesome video to Thank you, Mirza! Peace out.

As always impressive all the videos of rescues of snakes and other animals God Bless you always take good care of yourself a hug from Spain. A nice little family. No wonder India has 1.4 billion people and growing, all you global warming people.

As a routine daily work, Mirza Ji, once again helping snakes & human beings. This much of the crowd should be avoided. To eradicate any chance of Accident due to destruction of the mind.

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