Snake | February 17, 2022 4:26 AM | Alisa

Most incredible! rattlesnake vs black snake real fight

In the older video, the rattler is much larger but appears to have been injured earlier and does not give much of a fight, while the newer one shows a much smaller rattler who gives a good fight but loses.

I lived in Arkansas I was working on a farm and in the chicken coup, there was a black snake I went to kill it I didn’t know the farmer yelled at me went over grabbed it, and wrapped it around his neck told me they killed the copper heads in the barns I was like wow never knew that.

Most constrictors kill poisonous snakes except for the king cobra which eats many constrictors and even other poisonous snakes. Do you think you could try one film without moving the camera around so much! Like most viewers probably, I’m not really interested in the rocks and grass.

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